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“The Daily Dirt “ Updated  August 2019

Hey TH-AUGUST 2019 - Lockies - Glenbrook - Charlestown - Narabeen thanks for having us. To the Rockers who came out and Rocked out with us........A BIG THUNDER THANKYOU. You made our night. You were amazing and You Rock. To all our new friends on FaceBook.....gday and hope we see ya Rockin with us at a Rockin Show with THUNDERSTRUCK or SHADOWBOXER or TATTOO FOR YOU or all 3.See ya soon.

Still on TH-AUGUST 2019 Our very own Brett performed at Almost The Greatest Gig On Earth up at The Gold Coast representing the Thunder Angus. He had a ball on a huge stage and of course we are very proud of him. Good onya Brett.

Still on TH-AUGUST - September will be a huge monthe for us we will be doing a whole bunch of shows, can’t wait.


Hi Thunderstruckers - it has been a little while but we ave been busy. Since the begining of the year we have modified our set list to cater for all fans of AC/DC playing at least one song from each album added more of the obscure hits that all the fans love.

The band and the fans have welcomed Curtis our new drummer. He’s one hell of a nice guy and plays his drums like a wrecking machine. He is great’

What’s up ahead on the highway.....more shows an enhanced Shadow Boxer show in Tribute to Doc and The enhanced Tattoo For You our Rose Tattoo Tribute. And somewhere in the will be our album to be recorded soon possibly an EP with Thunderstruck original music. This music is inspired by ......AC/DC, THE ANGELS and ROSE TATTOO.

Keep an eye on our gig list as we hit the Highway To Hell all across 2019.........and beyond.


JANUARY 2019 - Hello Thunderstruckers Happy New Year and all the very best to you all. Well this year we turn 19years old. There is still lots of shows to do and we are still on the Highway. Thankyou for all your never ending support and we will see you out there giving you 110% at every single show.

We kick off celebrating Australia Day Eve at Jewels Tavern with SHADOW BOXER and THUNDERSTRUCK and on Australia Day at The world famous Caringbah Inn with Tatto For You SHADOWBOXER and THUNDERSTRUCK.

OCTOBER - Rockin from Penrith Pioneer and RSL  to Panania Diggers to North Ryde RSL. We are going clubbing.

SEPTEMBER - Frome Kareela to Lockies to Canowindra. Yes Canowindra, out bush and we met some lovely people from out in the country. It was an absolute pleasure.

AUGUST - Up close at Colyton to Albion to Warners. The best thing about touring and staying away with the band is how close we get and we have the best conversations. Its great.

JULY - Its cooling down in July - time to heat up and get the Thunderstruck/ShadowBoxer fire heating you up. Afew double haders and Fri Sat nights continue up athe Central Coast with AC/DC Angels at Wyong Lgs on Fri 27th and Tattoo Angels on Sat 28th at THE IRON HOSE TAVERN.



Mid May NEWS FLASH - Just a quick announcement that THUNDERSTRUCK will be in the studio rehersing some songs that we have written. These songs will be recorded for an upcoming album. The band is excited and its very much a band project. The songs sound great and they are in the spirit of AC/DC , THE ANGELS and ROSE TATTOO.Once we finalise the Recording, there the mixing, mastering, art work packaging and finally in the hands of THUNDERSTRUCK fans. October we hope.

All AC/DC Fans - we are coming to your venue in 2018. I wonder what awaits in the AC/DC Camp, with lots of rumours about the new album. It looks like it going to happen - who will sing? who will drum? and who will be on bass?.

A tough call, here to ANGUS, he has proven he knows what he is doing.We will definately support the band what ever they decide to do, we’d love to play new music for ya.

See you out there in a venue near you.


happy new year - see you rockin at our summer shows 2018

tv ad thunderstruck

FB_IMG_145350010931102angels gigs summer tour

Merry Christmas,

To all you Rockers out there - From the Thunderstruck/ShadowBoxer gang (Alex, Brett, Lee, Tony and Pat)

 Thanks to Harding at our Agency, The Venues and Managers at all the shows and gigs in NSW.

 Thanks to ur Sound and Lighting Team - Peter Henske, Sounny, Trevor, Danny.

Thanks to our rehearals  - Anton at Cream Studios Blacktown.

Thanks to Bob King for the great action shots.

And our loyal fan base and supporters. Long Live AC/DC, Long Live Rock n Roll see ya in 2017 for our 16th year.

Thunderstruck dec 2015


Liverpool and Wollongong - Thanks for having us for our last shows of the year.

Bull n Bush and St Marys Rock n roll in November - its getting close to wrapping up another year. A handfull of shows to go before we roll into another one. Thankyou all.

Sat 25th of June Campbelltown RSL - Here we come to Rock ya with 2.5hrs of AC/DC Classics.

Fri 24th of June - We have been invited to play at The Football Stadium - before the Penrith Panthers and The South Sydney Rabitohs come on the field. We will ROCK you 20 odd thousand football fans and we will definately get your foot tapping.

Sat 11th June- THE RANCH EPPING - It’s been a while since we were last at THE RANCH, really looking forward to playing here tomorrow night. Brett’s backyard.  What a great gig thankyou for coming out to see us. Thanks to THE BLACK ACES - You Rock.

Sat 28th May - THE ROOTY HILL RSL CLUB - We had a great night - great to be back at Rooty Hill - Thankya.

THE TRIFECTA OF AUSSIE ROCK - Sat May 28th - ROSE TATTOO THE ANGELS AND AC/DC - Live tribute at CARDIFF RSL this Sat night - The best of the best tonight

This weekend WE THE BULL N BUSH BAULKHAM HILLS on Fri 13th of MAY and at COLYTON on Sat 14th of MAY.......................................... IN ROCK WE/YOU TRUST.......................................

Hello - how are ya.... so far in May 2016 - we would like to thanyou for supporting us, you have been amazing. You make us enjoy every single song we do. So here goes, The Almighty.....Bull n Bush, Hurlestone Canterburry RSL - The Pioneer at Penrith, The Railway Liverpool, Castle Hill Tavern, Wallacia Hotel, The Henry Lawson, Panania Hotel, North Ryde RSL. Thankyou for Rockin with us....YOU GUYS ARE ROCK N ROLL.

AC/DC Played their second night with The Rock Or Bust Tour with AXL in Spain, plenty of clips on Youtube. Very Proud of AC/DC, the band was great - AXL was great and ANGUS............ANGUS....ANGUS..........was king.The Greatest.

It has been a busy start of the year for THUNDERSTRUCK / SHADOWBOXER. It’s great to see our fantastic audience singing, dancing and enjoying their hearts out. This year we promise to keep giving you a 110% every single show. After 13years we know what works and what doesn’t - we will keep listening to your input, at the end of the day you are the most important key ingredient to our show. See ya at our shows.

 THUNDERSTRUCK / SHADOWBOXER / TATTOO FOR YOU / ROCK DOWN UNDER 2015 - Merry Christmas to all our friends and  familes. You have supported us endlessly.

      We would like to thank all those who worked their buts off to make it all happen; venue managers, venue staff rehersal studios, Sound and Lighting PA Companies, our fantastic Agency. We would also like to thank the Greatest band in the whole world. AC/DC.

      We will be back in 2016 for our 14th year with more Highvoltage AC/DC Shows.

    Thunderstruck dec 2015

    Dec - Merry Christmas all and thanks for having us back in your club, pub, see ya in 2016.


    Braidwood the Royal Mail nice drive and a great venue, see you all soon.

    We had an absolute ball at Moorebank Sports an excellent venue - Thanks to all the Rockers who turned up and rocked with us.

    Nov - The most memorable moment in Nov was to see our favourite band in the whole world. AC/DC live at the stadium amongst 10s of thousands of Rock fans. It was a real proud moment to see Angus and Brian rockin it out with Steve, Cliff and Chris. My seating was great I could see everything and it sounded like a CD. Our proudest moment was to hear Brett meet the band. Onya Brett.

    Werallawang.....are ya ready , a big show coming your way.

    Rock the beach at Umina. Constant heavy downpours didn’t restrain the AC/DC fans from coming out to Rock. It was our third trip to Umina and an excellent venue made for ....Rock.

    Oct - Back in Black in Caringbah on the last day of the month, as always a great venue a full house. We’ll be back again to Rock the foundations...............................We took some holidays in the sun. I did some shows with the world famous Manilla Band on the Carnival Spirit we obviously played ......AC/DC every night. It was great.

    Sept - We gig hard again from Penrith to Oberon to Panania to Newcastle. More info to come.

    August - Our maintenance month - we service our gear - we rehearse check our set - welcome our new Bass Player, we him in and get ready for a big September.

    July - We did a massive show at Glenfell it was cold stormy thundery and I am sure it was snowing somewhere close but it was a great experience. Lovely people who organised it for their Jnr Footy Club. Glenfell ROCKS. Frenchs Forest Parkway was another stop for us in July, great venue and a house full of Rockers.

    June - We did our first show at Narooma down the south coast. A big show for us with The Angels Tribute with Thunderstruck. Narooma is a beautiful location and the Golf club was awesome. The accom was great the hospitality of the venue was fantastic and the audience was great. A house of Rock. Alex thanks for swinging the BASS.

    May - Tomorrow Friday 29th of May 2015 night we rock at The Edgeworth Sports Club  with our Rose Tattoo Tribute and Shadow Boxer our Doc Neeson & Angels tribute. It has been labelled as The Rock Legends Tour. Our aim is to give you all the classics from these 3 bands in 3 sets. We hope you are in a good mood to rock. The show starts at 8.30pm.

    The Rock Or Bust tour officially started a couple of nights ago in The Netherlands. Its our turn in Nov and we can’t wait.

    April 2015 - We had a very busy month from Dubbo - to Bathurst to Werrington - to Penrith  and 3 shows with Rock Down Under. We are very lucky to be working this much and very fortunate to have such great audiences. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Angus - You are the greatest.


  • March 2015 -Highway to Dubbo - we played at the Macquarie Inn what a place - it was great, the drive was awesome. Glad to come back.
  • We played a memorable gig at The Vinyl Room, great venue, great audience - a house full of rockers. Great to see. On Drums our guest Drummer Tony Currenti who drummed on The Highvoltage album - well he played Highvoltage the song with us. A pleasure to have him on stage.
  • We will be back.Feb 2015 - Its great to hear the lads have settled on a drummer to continue their Rock or Bust journey and tour with Chris Slade The new video to the song Rock The Blues Away should be out in a few days shot in a little club in LA.
  • Jan 2015 - Australia Day Celebrations Fri 23rd we kick it off at THE BULL N BUSH.
  • Dec - We bring the Rock or Bust up to Umina Central Coast - a great venue and a nice part of Australia, Cya on the 20th of Dec,,,, our last show for the year.
  • Nov - MacArthur Tavern Campbelltown this Saturday Night 22nd of Nov with a Shadowboxing Opener of Angels Classics followed by a Thunderous AC/DC Tribute. Yes we will definitely be playing PLAY BALL.
  • Edgeworth Newcastle was great thanks for Rockin so hard - glad you liked Play Ball.-
  • Oct -
  • Caringbah you were absolutely brilliantly LOUD - Thank you and see ya soon.
  • Rockin at our favourite pub in Sydney - The Bull n Bush
  • Sept
  • 27- Rockin The North Ryde RSL
  • Sept 20 - Rockin down south at Albion Park Rail - High Voltage blew up the amps the PA and the lights
  • August -
  • We are booked to do a hand fiul of shows at Ambarvale - Ettamogah and a special tribute to Doc Neeson at The St Marys RSL.
  • July - Back at the Bull - one of my favorite places to play - thanks to all the attendees that braved the cold - Im sure we kept you warm with our Highway to hell fire. See you again my friends - You Rock.
  • May we did a show at The Colonial Hotel Werrington to a packed house of pure Rock n Rollers, I enjoyed this gig so much, I c
  • June - We did a show at Vabys, This restaurant goes off. What an audience, I was so please we got a chance to pay tribute to Doc and The Angels with Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again at the end of our first set. Thankyou so much Vabys.ait
  • ct - Rockin at our favourite pub in Sydney - The Bull n Bush
  • Sept - Rockin down south at Albion Park Rail and The North Ryde RSL

    August - We are booked to do a handfiul of shows at Ambarvale - Ettamogah and a special tribute to Doc Neeson at The St Marys RSL.

    July - Back at the Bull  - one of my favourite places to play - thanks to all the attendees that braved the cold - Im sure we kept you warm with our Highway to hell fire. See you again my friends - You Rock.

    May we did a show at The Colonial Hotel Werrington to a packed house of pure Rock n Rollers, I enjoyed this gig so June - We did a show at Vabys, This restaurant goes off. What an audience, I was so please we got a chance to pay tribute to Doc and The Angels with Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again at the end of our first set. Thankyou so much Vabys.ait

One of the saddest days in Australian Rock - the passing of Doc Neeson. It has been extremely difficult for me to get over it but the best way is to Celebrate the music he was part of. He is certainly one of my and speaking for my band one of our big inspirations. A real hero of Rock, we will miss him dearly, may his soul rest in peace. We will proudly carry the flame and Rock For Doc.

April  - saw us do 3 shows - Bulln Bush - O’Donoghues and The mighty Rooty Hill RSL. Three great shows enjoyed by all.

March 24 - We are doing a big show at the Bull n Bush on the 4th of April - can’t wait to go home and blast off this night.

March 24 - Wow a couple of months have past since our last show but we have been busy. Brett has rocked it with some shows with Dave Evans original singer of AC/DC. The rest of us have been working quite solidly on our new project very close to home. We are just waiting on some final details before we let ya know what is happening but it is very close and it;s gonna be great. We are very excited about this and it is sounding great.

Jan 21st - Hi how are you all - now that all our festivities are done - we can get back into it. We are booked into a rehearsal to work on some stuff form 88 - 96 and 2000 to add to our set and see how that goes. We are also going to give our original songs a bit of a blast and hopefully get them ready to record. Hope you all have a wonderful Australia Day weekend. Oi Oi Oi.


We had a great 2013 and it aint finished yet, we still got 2 big shows to go. We kicked off the year with a big show at The Rooty Hill Aust Day Celebration with a little over 12000 people in our audience. From there we did our usual tour of Sydney. We squeezed in a special recoding of a client, a song for a Computer product called “Computer Case Star”. We took advantage of the time and recorded our first single called “Gimme Love”. More recordings to come in 2014. From here we toured extensively through to the North coast throughout the Central and Newcastle coast. We made a special trip to Coffs Harbour for the World Rally and we featured in a televised Rally special to an audience of 70 million. From there we toured Brisbane for a special show at The Brisbane Convention Centre. First up was Daryle Braithwaite - followed by Dragon - and we went out and blew the roof off with our classic set of Thunderstruck The AC/DC Show.

All along, by our side was either Shadowboxer The Angels Show our our nameless Cover/Original band supporting and making all the noise that gets our soul into gear and ready to rock.

With all this in toe my favourite venue is our next stop - The ole faithful Bull n Bush - it’s my homeground and a place I have very fond memories of my life long partner Rock n Roll.  Finally - Thankyou for your support throughout a great year - for all the Facebookers - I thank and wish to keep you all informed as much as possible - for all the Rock n Rollers in our beautiful country lets do it all again in 2014.. Why not aye? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you and yours. Thunderstruck/Shadowboxer.



Here is the Video Link

">Here is the video that went to 77 million viewers around the world.

Here is the video of Thunderstruck Live with The World Rally Champion on stage rock n roll!!!!rally julien on stage big 

Last year this event The World Rally was televised to an enormous 77 million viewers. This event is massive. We are headed to The Big Banana this Friday 13th of September, as special guests to Rock The Rally at The World Rally Champions Race. We will Rock The Rally on Friday and Samantha Jade from Idol will Rock it on Saturday.


For more info on The World Rally - follow the link .     Rally Australia 12-15 September 2013


HEAR N AID - Thunderstruck - Supports and Donates 1200kms For Kids Charity Bike Ride

“as soon as we were asked to help out - we were there - we care and always will - please donate to this wonderful cause”     For more info

Since 2006, 1200kms for kids has raised over $300,000 to fund various research projects including cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis.    One in 2,500 Australian infants will be born with cystic fibrosis each year. Research being conducted at the Royal Children’s Hospital is aiming to extend and improve the quality of life for kids battling cystic fibrosis every day of their young lives.

This year funding will also see the Humpty Dumpty Foundation continue providing support for children’s services as they have done since 1996. Humpty Dumpty provides equipment to over 200 hospitals around Australia & 2 Children’s Hospitals in East Timor.


 rooty hill screen aust day 2013

 Dec 31st - We celebrate the new year - and 40yrs Of AC/DC. At Bidwill for New Years Eve 31st of December - a very big night is in order to end another fantastic High Voltage year for Thunderstruck.

Dec 20th - Back into our local  home groung The Bull n Bush on Fri 20th of December - it’s gonna be a Rockin Christmas Party at the Bull.

Dec 14th - We are playing a massive show in Brisbane where we will share the stage with Dragon and Darryle Braithwaite for a party to end all parties at The Brisbane Ent Centre.

Nov 28th - we had a fantastic Nov playing 3 shows at Newcastle and Umina. We had an absolute ball. The audiences were great, I would like to go back there as soon as we can.As a band it was a great time to bond and be together it was great I enjoyed it.

Nov 15th - its the second time this month we head up Noth to Newcastle to be exact it’s The Edgeworth Sports Club.Our last show was at Jewels Tavens and it was great. We are gonna give you a great show of the early stuff that really defined The AC/DC Bon Scott era and of course the 80’s till now covering the AC/DC Brian Johnson era. In all it’s gonna be a big 2and a half hours of Greatest Hits Package with a few obscure crowd favourites here and there.

Oct 22nd - we are having a massive weekend at our home turf The Bull n Bush, we are coming home to rock the Bull on Fri night 25th of Oct and a big show at The North Ryde RSL on the Sat 26th of Oct. This is a great venue - we had such a great turnout and it was such a great show. It’s one of those shows that are memorable - that’s for sure. It’s Bretts home town so we are gonna turn it up just that little bit more. Brett’s neighbours get in free, for all the racket he makes at home. hahahahah

Oct 21st - great news to report - The Merrylands Coolibah show was very successful - we loved it and it gave us a chance to Celebrate young Rene’s belated 21st. All the best our little darling. The Penrith Hotel was great we had a great night - unfortunately for the venue it’s the last band on - for a little while. It gave us another chance to be charitable and raise money for the victims of the dreadful bush fire situation in NSW at the moment. Our Thunderous hearts go out to the victims and the fighters.

Oct 4th - Next week we will be at Merrylands The Coolibah Hotel - the old hotel looked a million years old - not anymore - it liiks  like a modern day display home. It’s got a great vibe I hear - get on down there and get into some Acca.

Sept 22nd - Had a great gig at Penrith - thanks to all - it was nice to be back at The Pioneer - it’s a great room and we’ll see you all again shortly. Keep Roclin’.

Sept 16th - Wow it was hard getting up to go to work this morning after a great weekend with my Thunderstruck brothers - rocking it at Coffs Harbour world rally. We had such a great time at the gig - the folks really loved it. When we finished our gig we ventured into the Corporate box where we had a few drinks and many many laughs. We went back to the motel watched the footy had some pizza’s and talked about ...AC/DC and THUNDERSTRUCK of course. We are gearing up for another dose at The Pioneer Tavern at Penrith this Friday to bring us back to reality. Long Live Rock n Roll.

Sept 13th - We are headed to Mascot Sydney Airport - boarding the 747 and heading for The Big Bannana - The Coffs Harbour World Rally Champs - as special guests “ To Rock The Rally Concert ” - we are the entertainment on Friday and Samantha Jade is the Sat night entertainment. This event is massive and will be televised to over 77million viewers around the globe.

Aug 31 - Thanks Rooty Hill for coming out and Rockin with us - It was an absolute pleasure to be there.

Aug 30th - Rockin’ the Rooty Hill RSL with Shadowboxer/Thunderstruck - come on Rooty Hill - keep rock n roll safe in Rooty Hill.Aug 24th - Rockin’ the Top Pub at Penrith Hotel - see ya there.

Aug 22nd Thanks to the Swallows and Colyton - both were awesome shows - great audiences at both shows. I’m glad you liked our Covers/Original show.

Aug 16th and 17th - At Bankstown’s Three Swallows Hotel on Fri and Colyton Hotel on Sat. A special gig for us at The Swallows - as when I was 16yrs old I went with Tony (Thunderstruck Rhytm guitarist and my older brother)to see TNT a good ole AC/DC show from way back then - they were great - they did a whole lot of Bon stuff. I can remember most of it and it was a lot of fun. I made a special wish that day - that some day I could be in an AC/DC Show.

Aug - 9th Thanks to all the folks that turned out at The North Ryde Golf Club.........YOU ROCK!!!!!! Rock n Roll is safe at North Ryde.we will be performing at The Bull n Bush with Thunderstruck tomorrow night Fri 2nd Aug and we’ll be show casing the “Classic Rock” band with a few little surprises - its a short set - but one to shake the foundations. before Thunderstruck hits the stage.

Aug 2nd - It’s gonna be memorable - our first covers/original gig “Gimme Love and Live It Up” made it in the set and very happy to hear our songs live.THANKYOU BULL N BUSH (Always a great venue for opportunity- we played one of our first THUNDERSTRUCK gigs there (2003)as well as SHADOWBOXER (2008)and going way back our DIO Tribute LAST IN LINE (1996). It was also an important gig for us as we made a donataion to the 1200km for kids - if our music and our so called talent is a vehicle to help and assist sick kids - We are happy to help. HEAR N AID.

July 2013 - rehearsing and working on a live set to showcase some of these original songs. Gearing up for a big August.

June 2013 - We went into the studio making sure Shadowboxer and Thunderstruck were tight and ready to rock again after a short break. It was great to play x 2 full shows - An Angels set at Emu Plains and then an epic AC/DC set at North Ryde RSL. It was great to rip it up again. Thanks to all the rockers who came out in the cold wintery rainy nights and made our night so memorable.......YOU...ROCK.......

May 2013 - We have all had a little bit of a break but we are ready to go back and work on some songs we have about 7 or 8 that I think will end up on the recording. The songs are pretty tough and very rock n roll. Which is the way we want it to be.

April 2013 - We went into the studio and recorded our first song it’s called Gimme Love - it’s ballsey - bluesy and rocks, the band sounds shit hot - it was a great experience and very proud of the sounds. The vocals are big we did some great backing vocal stuff and I love it. I hope to play it soon live for you and showcase the Original side to this great band.

 March 2013 - THUNDERSTRUCK Has been in the studio working on a couple of riffs and songs and will be working to release an album in the near future. The band is very enthusiasticly working on original material. Me personally, I have always wanted to make a hard rock album. The current line up we have is the most powerful and bullet proof so it would be a sin not to do it.

The flavour is definately in the spirit of the Albert Productions with George Young and Harry Vanda.So its the AC/DC, Angels and Rose Tattoo vibe. It’s all very early stages.But so far it sounds great.


The Video  -Here it is, you can see it on our Live Video page - enjoy it as much as we did playing it. We filmed our show a couple of weeks ago and everything was just right on the night, thanks to you the show turned out just amazing. The venue was great and the Film Crew was excellent... Thanks to Raymond from Pi Production Services for their great work, I think you captured every heart beat... thanks.

 THUNDERSTRUCK - Video Youtube




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